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Paul has been sticking with us and helping find the medical insurance that’s right for us even when we were taking forever to decide. Paul works hard to get what’s best for his clients. Thank you Paul for your time, patience, and great attitude.

Paul has been incredible in helping me through getting the exact coverage for my insurance and even was able to provide coverage for a family member as well when other agents turned them down. He is definitely a God send  blessing to our family. The world needs 10 in every state and that’s small words to describe his compassion and knowledge of his job!! Thank you Paul Sweany even for the help Getting me back on track!!

Dealing with Paul was so easy and efficient. I had never dealt with an insurance broker before so this was a totally new experience! I consider myself lucky to have picked Paul at random! He was helpful and took the time to explain all the options and answered every question! Thank you!

Paul is the very best agent me and Cathy could ever have, as he always is willing and able to help us.

He is the best insurance agent that I could have and I would recommend him to anybody.

PAUL is knowledgeable and patient. He’s always been available for questions. He has my confidence and trust.

Paul is the best! I was in a real difficult situation but Paul really knows his stuff. He was extremely helpful in explaining terms that I was not familiar with. His advice was definitely in my best interest. Not many people are trustworthy but Paul treated me fairly, honestly, with care and respect. Thank you Paul

Paul was very helpful in us getting good insurance and even helped us with a claim we didn’t know we had. Best insurance person ever

Paul was very helpful and attentive to my insurance needs .Great customer service !

Paul is the best Insurance agent I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He made sure I I understood everything! He is personable and I could tell this is not just a job...he loves helping people. I am so glad our paths have crossed.

An insurance agent with compassion and integrity! I’m a single mom on a tight budget, and Paul was able to meet my health and financial needs in insurance.

Paul is the first and only helpful health insurance agent I've spoken to in years. He listens to your needs and suggests plans that work for you. When you say "I like this plan, but... " he finds another solution for you. He is very knowledgeable and he takes the time to educate you. He took my call when I was looking for a health insurance for the first time which would be NOT though my employer. Imagine how confused I was about the possibilities. Paul spent more than 2 hours with me on the phone exploring my needs, looking for possibilities, explaining my options. A day later, my coverage was all squared away!

We were so lucky to find Paul! My daughter was aging out of my insurance on her 26th birthday and we were both overwhelmed by the number of options available, not to mention Covered California. Paul took so much time with us, multiple calls, patiently explaining every option and sending detailed pricing sheets, guiding us through the process until we made a decision. And it is very comforting to know that if we have a problem going forward, he will be available for three way calls and advice. Big recommendation!

Paul is a stand up guy! He always takes the time to make sure you understand exactly what your coverage is and what your benefits entail! i feel like he truly makes the maximum effort to get you the biggest bang for your buck! i know he did for me i gave him my budget that i allotted to within and what i was looking for and boy did he deliver!!! anytime i have a question he's right there with an answer and usually finds a way to make an already great deal even better!!! Thanks Paul for all your help! It's very rare that someone can just feel at ease dealing with something as complex as insurance but that's what he does he just gives you peace knowing your in good hands

I have had health insurance provided by my employers all of my working life. Now, i had to find a policy to get me through to medicare age. Going online for insurance is daunting, and confusing. I got many calls from pushy, condescending telemarketers telling me i had to buy their product. I was ready to tell them to shove off. When i spoke to Paul Sweany, i met a human being. A man who asked questions, listened, and understood my needs. When i had questions, he called me back and put my mind at ease. Thanks you for your help Paul!

Paul is Incredible! He has earned my trust and my business for life! He is now my No. 1 Health Insurance because he took the time to explain in detail the complexities the rules of the California Health Insurance system I knew nothing about, and patiently outline the options available to me and the nuances of each choice. HE IS A SUPERSTAR! Thank you Paul

Paul Sweany is a very friendly and professional consultant and a great communicator to help understand the complicated health insurance market! A very knowledgeable and reliable asset to anyone in the need for coverage!

Finding Paul was like finding an oasis in a vast desert. I had spoken with nearly a dozen agents, all of whom were impersonal, scripted, very high pressure and seemed to have only one product for sale. Paul is real. He asked questions directed toward the needs of my family and showed genuine interest regarding what was important to us. Paul was infinitely patient and not only was he willing to explain the several options he was recommending but arranged a screen share so that my husband and I could see exactly what he was telling us. In the area of Health & Life insurance, we consider Paul our trusted advisor and will recommend him to our family and friends without reservation.

Paul Sweany was so great to work with. He explained to me exactly what I was purchasing, and went to great lengths to help me get coverage we could afford. He also went as far as looking at the effects the insurance might have on our federal tax. His follow up was very good, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others looking for insurance.

I was very skeptical about buying any kind of insurance from sources on the Internet. I was connected to Mr.Sweany and he was very professional and he was able to look for what I wanted. Whenever I have a question he always has an answer.

Paul Sweany is always approachable and professional and answers all our questions with infinite patience. Helped us save a lot of money on our health insurance with his recommendations.

I am so pleased with with Paul Sweany as my insurance agent. Paul was extremely patient with me while navigating the complexities of the health insurance world. He jumped in when clarity could not be found and sorted out the issues. A five-star rating falls short to describe his willingness to help. Thanks again Paul.

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