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A Revolutionary Approach to Employer Sponsored Health Coverage

  • Does Your Current Health Plan Refund Premiums if You Have a Low Claims Year?
  • Are You Interested in an ACA qualified Group Health Coverage that Consistently Costs 20% to 30% less than Community Rated group health options? 


By implementing this simple strategy, you could reduce your group health costs by 15% to 30%

            Plan Characteristics

  •        “Newly Minted” companies are Eligible- no time requirement for being in business
  •         NO Industry Exclusions
  •         Group Eligibility with as few as 2 covered employees
  •         100% refund option available on unused claims dollars
  •         Groups entitled to refund regardless whether they reissue
  •         Teladoc available on all plans
  •         Carve-out options
  •         Flexible participation: Need to meet one or the other – on qualifying products
  •         50% excluding valid waiver
  •         25% including valid waivers
  •         Individual Medical is a valid waiver
  •         24 hr. coverage for owners, officers, and partners
  •         In-Network only plans with multiple broad national PPO networks or…
  •         Reference Based Pricing options for savings of 20%+ compared to network options
  •         2-3 day underwriting if information is complete
  •         Average 3-5-day implementation time to activate a group after underwriting has accepted the submission

Round Out & Enrichen Your Core Benefit Offerings with

Voluntary Supplemental Benefits 

These programs offer benefits to address direct medical expenses NOT covered by Major Medical and can also be designed to address employee personal expenses like rent, mortgage, utility and grocery expenses.  Supplemental benefits can also be used to lower Health Insurance Costs to the employer while mitigating Deductible & Cost-Sharing expenses to employees.  

Benefits You Can Make Available Through Payroll Deduction

Accident / Critical Illness / Hospital Income

Short Term Disability

Individual Term & Whole Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Dental & Vision


More About Voluntary Benefits?

Why is Employee Benefits Communication Important to Your Business?

Because You Miss Out on a Golden Opportunity When You Don’t Do It.

Employers have been offering fringe benefits in addition to cash compensation for decades.  Fringe benefits, particularly group health coverage represents one of the greatest costs to employers as well as one of the greatest pain-points expressed to their insurance advisors.  Why would employers not do everything within their power to gain maximum return on this sizeable investment?  Well, first of all, communicating benefits properly carries a heavy workload.  Trying to get it all done during annual open enrollment is analogous to cramming for a final exam.  Ideally, benefits communication & education should be offered to employees throughout the plan year.  At this juncture it is not uncommon to see employers and human resource professionals cringe.  More work; More time; More cost, they think to themselves.  Of course all of these reservations are understandable but this day in age there exists a plethora of opportunities in the form of no-cost professional enrollment outsourcing, including face to face benefits counselling as well as 24/7 hands-off, employee engagement technologies related to benefits.   

Allow Us to Do the Heavy Lifting Around Your Benefits Communication

Let Us Show You 

  • How to create maximum return on the investment you make in the benefits you offer your employees. 
  • How to position your benefits package as a valuable form of Compensation versus an Employee entitlement.
  • How to enable your employees to derive maximum value from the benefits you offer them.
  • How to deliver superior service to your employees around the benefits you offer without burden or additional expense.  


Insurance for Wholeness & Health partners with Colonial Life & Accident, the largest employee benefits communication and enrollment company in the United States.  Not only is Colonial the largest benefits communication and enrollment company but it is also one of the top three providers of payroll deduction Supplemental Group and Individual products.  Take a look at the featured videos below and if you would like to know more, schedule a 15 minute consultation with me.  


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